Feel free to write your own vows at no extra cost! If you need English to Hebrew translation, we provide those services at a fee. We can also provide text options, which have been previously translated.


Have a frame size in mind? Know you like multiple tones of matting? Let's start the conversation about how this document will be displayed, knowing the end goal will make the entire process smoother. Standard size is 18 inches wide by 24 inches tall.


Illustration Framing Text . . base price $650

Full Bleed Illustration . . . . base price $750

*pack and ship not included


We suggest beginning the conversation 3-5 months prior to the occasion, although custom timelines are available. A final copy of the text and design approval is needed 60 days prior to the wedding.


What do you two connect over? Let's talk about what inspires your relationship, and we can begin sketches from there. The theme of the illustration can range from being specific, such as including the ocean, or broad, such as relating to nature.


There are plenty of unique additions to make this custom artwork reflect your relationship even more. Gold leaf, wood engraving, tea staining- just to name a few. Share your ideas and we will create something remarkable to display in your home. Price quotes are available upon request.

Custom Marriage Certificate
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Recent Projects


The balance between earth and water is illustrated here with a tree framing the upper portion of the text and a wave framing the bottom portion. In the distance a coastal city is shown enjoying the view of waves rolling in.

White tulips

This is a full color option with circular text. The groom-to-be had a habit of buying his fiancé white tulips, so this simple, yet impactful ketubah suited them well and is now the first thing you see when you walk into their home. It has a beautiful white frame around it and truly stands on its own.

water and vines

Capturing the flow of nature is always the goal, and it is especially challenging when it comes splashing water. We enjoyed every moment of executing this concept, and the gold leaf in the center allowed for a wonderful focal point.

Adjacent Castles

Showcase your differences. This piece allows you to peer inside this couple’s relationship; their similarities flow together beautifully, yet they are grounded in their differences and love each other for them. We can all take a page out of their playbook and recognize how differences can give us strength.

A walk in the park

This is a full color and full bleed design. Full bleed refers to the artwork “expanding” past the edge of the page, or seemingly so. This couple often takes walks through a local park, and if you look closely, you can see them walking together on the path.

Circular Grayscale

After exploring a few designs, the bride and groom landed on this stunning concept. The text sits on a lighter background than the illustration, and the contracts gives balance to the piece.

Deeply Rooted

A single tree can stand alone; its magnificence is not dependent on what surrounds it. Half of its beauty and strength is often hidden, but this illustration shows the foundation, the stronghold, from which a great relationship can flourish.

Hidden Among the Trees

This colorful forest has the couple’s pets lurking amongst the trees, which gave an exciting element and depth to the forest. The cardinals add a colorful border as they swoop towards the tree tops.

Black and white

Black and white, or rather, pen and ink drawings were my first true love with fine art. If you want big and bold or tight knit and intricate, black and white can do it all.

Tying the knot

These interlocking trees show the power of an inseparable bond. This piece is simple, yet also includes the multiple elements that the couple valued. You’ll find flowers, roots, and a moon here. Enjoy!



My mother, like the good Jewish mother she is, had an idea. When she had been married to my father, he was Jewish and she was Catholic, so they never had a ketubah. So when they renewed their vows, she asked her son (me), who loves calligraphy and illustration, to create one for them. That was years ago, and once I started, I knew I wanted to create more. The photo here shows that first document I created, and I have the joy of seeing it framed whenever I return home.