Windthrow is lead by twins, Stephanie and Eddie. Eddie Aaronson (Founder and Lead Creative) began Windthrow in 2013, pursuing his creativity at full force. His specific passion in calligraphy and woodworking push him to new heights. Eddie continuously strives for an impactful execution of simplicity in all of his designs. Stephanie Aaronson (Business Manager and Client Relations Officer) joined Windthrow in 2016. She combines her knack at communicating honestly and sincerely with her wide range of business and marketing skills. Her natural talent has given Windthrow a new edge.  

These are the twins. Individually they are pretty cool, but together they are unstoppable. From young children through today, they balance each other between edgy and elegant, timeless and practical, all while maintaining sight of the end goal with no need for extraneous communication. Windthrow takes full advantage of their twin power. Learn more about the twins here.

For us, It all started when…


My mother, like the good Jewish mother she is, had an idea. When she had been married to my father, he was Jewish and she was Catholic, so they never had a ketubah. So when they renewed their vows, she asked her son (me), who loves calligraphy and illustration, to create one for them. That was years ago, and once I started, I knew I wanted to create more. The photo here shows that first document I created, and I have the joy of seeing it framed whenever I return home.


Windthrow creates quality products inspired by people, places, and the world around us for clients to display in their home. We stay grounded in our roots by creating one of a kind marriage certificates and other products to commemorate proud moments.

We offer variations for any type of clientele. Windthrow is proud to collaborate with all partners varying in culture, religion, and sexual orientation.

Windthrow Defined

The term Windthrow refers to trees which have been uprooted by strong winds, revealing hidden beauty. Roots typically burrow far into the earth, yet when exposed in open air, their charm is revealed. We specialize in hand written ketubot (marriage certificates), where we reach deep and expose the beauty that is often kept hidden. We maintain the same philosophy for all of our products.


Our promise

We create this art together, and taking your relationship and weaving it into the design around your written vows. Together, we will protect this art. Once you purchase a ketubah from Windthrow, we promise to help you place it in your home and provide advice to move it as your journey through life takes you to different parts of the world. Contact us for transportation tips.


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Use your imagination and don't hold back. We want to hear your wildest dreams. With our unique skill set and attention to detail, we promise radical results.


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The ketubah has a beautiful and rich history. It started as a legally binding document, but as Jews assimilated into America, the meaning of the ketubah changed. Today, it serves as a symbol of the love that two partners share and a reminder of the promises they have made to one another.

We chose to focus our company on this meaningful part of a relationship- the promises. We love that this is the first piece of artwork brought into a couple’s marriage; a piece of artwork that will be displayed in their home and help them live each day according to the vows they made to each other.

This document will connect the couple at the start of their journey and be a map to guide them along the way. At first glance, you want this ketubah to visually show the connection you have with one another, and when examined closer, have the same unique complexities and intricacies of your relationship.

Two halves have little choice but to join; and yes, they do make a whole. But two wholes when they coincide... that is beauty. That is love.
— Lillian Darr